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The most important is invidious approach to each of our customer.

Only the best laundries in Helsinki can provide such service. In fact, with use of our service you can no longer worry about cleanliness and attractiveness of your wardrobe.

Our laundry equipped with modern washing machines and dryers. In our work we use only professional detergents that can’t be purchased in regular store, therefore we are able to wash off any soiling and remove most difficult stains.

Home laundry requires lot of time and effort for which you can find much better use. Hand your laundry to "Pesukaari" and free yourself from unnecessary cares. You will find our prices reasonable and will appreciate quality of our work.

Laundering: is washing process where water is the prime solvent and it works best against general stains and chemical spots. Laundry wash makes washed clothes fresh and it never suffers from any chemical odor.

Not to all textile products recommended for laundering. Jackets, suits, woolen skirts, evening dresses etc. require professional dry-cleaning to avoid loss of form, color, uniform distribution of heat insulation etc. We offer inexpensive but high-quality dry-cleaning service for all categories of products with guarantee quality.

We offer full service for carpet cleaning. For your convenience we offer pick up and delivery service as well. We offer flat cleaning for carpets on professional equipment with environmentally friendly technologies and detergents.

Our self-service laundry offers you a great service with high quality machines and low prices. At our laundry the wash and dry cycle will take 1.30 h. At your service in the laundry is always our staff that can assist you with any questions and  as well you can purchase professional detergents for one time use.

Working hours for self-service: Mon-Thu: 9-20, Fri: 10-18, Sat: 10-16

Prices:  5 kg: 15°,30°,40°   -  5,5€     60°,90° - 6€

              7,5 kg: 15°,30°,40° - 8,5€     60°,90° - 9€

              15 kg: 15°,30°,40°  - 17 €     60°,90° - 18€

Proper clothing care -  is not only regular cleaning and washing, but also a timely repair.

Broken zipper, lack of buttons or torn of seams will unlikely adorn any clothing even if it is perfectly clean. No matter how careful we are with our wardrobe no one is insured against accident damage.

Our tailors will sew buttons, insert a new zipper, fit your clothing in length, replace the lining or will stitch riped out seams etc. For all kind of fabrics incl. leather.

No more heavy bags and search for parking place. We attempt to provide a consistent and friendly service from beginning to end. Our goal is to further provide services which fit your schedule and your needs. We deliver in Helsinki and it is as simple as it is.

Prices:  Pick up from 7€, Delivery  from 7€, Pick and Delivery from 12€

Call us and make order


In 2 hours we will pick up your laundry, carpet etc.

Our prof. staff will do their job.

Once it ready we will call and schedule a delivery time that is convenient to you.



Trousers (men/women)                                                              14,00€

Suit (men/women)                                                                      28,00€

Suit jacket                                                                                   16,00€

Shirt (incl. hand ironing)                                                               5,00€

Skirt (short)                                                                                14,00€

Skirt (long)                                                                                  22,00€

Dress (short)                                                                              27,00€

Dress (short)                                                                              43,50€

Blazer                                                                                         16,00€

Tuxedo                                                                                       38,00€

Tuxedo trousers                                                                         16,00€

Tuxedo jacket                                                                             22,00€

Sweater/vest                                                                                9,00€

Overcoat (short)                                                                         22,00€

Overcoat (long)                                                                          27,00€

Down jacket  (short)                                                                   28,00€

Down jacket  (long)                                                                    38,00€

Tie/Scarf                                                                                       7,00€

Blouse (cotton)                                                                             6,00€

Blouse (special)                                                                         13,00€

Evening dress                                                                  35,00-80,00€

Wedding dresses                                                           70,00-130,00€

Home textile


Bed linen (min 3kg) price incl. ironing                                     5,00€/kg

Everyday wear                                                                        6,00€/kg

Curtain (from)                                                                         4,00€/m²

Tablecloth, price incl. ironing                                                   5,50€/kg

Blanket (single)                                                                          15,50€

Blanket (twin)                                                                             24,00€

Pillow                                                                                           9,00€



Puuvilla, käytävämatto (kumipohja),                                     11,00€/m²

Paimentolaismatto, rahkamatto,

muovimatto, boucle-matto

Puuvilla/paperinaru (ohut),                                                   13,00€/m²

villamatto (konekutoinen), plyyshi,

Durrie, karvalanka, viskoosimatto

Puuvilla/paperinaru (paksu), paperinaru,                             17,60€/m²

sisal, juutti, pellava,

Kelim, kookos, nahka, chenille, ryijy/nukkamatto

Käsinsolmittu, aito villa- ja silkkimatto, tuftattu,                     25,60€/m²

Marokkolaismatto, raanu, ryijy, turkismatto, talja

Maton lianhylkivyyskäsittely                                                  15,00€/m²

Leather wear


Suede/Leather jacket (short)                                                     59,50€

Suede/Leather jacket (long)                                                      81,00€

Self-service laundry


5 kg washing machine (15°, 30°, 40°)                                         5,50€

                                     ( 60°, 90°)                                               6,00€

7,5 kg washing machine (15°, 30°, 40°)                                      8,50€

                                        ( 60°, 90°)                                            9,00€

15 kg washing machine (15°, 30°, 40°)                                     17,00€

                               ( 60°, 90°)                                                   18,00€

7,5 kg washing machine (15°, 30°, 40°)                                      8,50€

                                        ( 60°, 90°)                                            9,00€

5 kg drying machine                                                                    5,50€

7,5 kg drying machine                                                                 6,50€

Detergent for one time wash                                                       1,20€

Clothing repair


Trousers - shorten/lengthen                                              from 13,00€

Trousers (with lining) - shorten/lengthen                           from 16,00€

Skirts - shorten/lengthen                                                   from  13,00€

Skirts (with lining) - shorten/lengthen                                from  18,00€

Jackets - shorten sleeves                                                  from 20,00€

Zipper (skirt, trousers)                                                       from 15,00€

Zipper (jacket, trousers)                                                    from 22,00€

Seams repair                                                                     from   8,00€

Re-sew buttons                                                                from    1,50€

Curtains - shorten                                                             from  13,00€



Pick up & Delivery                                                             from  12,00€

Pick up                                                                              from    7,00€

Delivery                                                                             from    7,00€

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Address: Mechelininkatu 16, 00100 Helsinki


Tel. 09 454 4115


Email: info@pesukaari.fi


Summer hours:

Mon-Thu 9am - 6pm

Fri 9.30am - 6 pm

Sat 10 am - 4 pm

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